Waste Management

Waste Management Vehicle Solutions: Making the Dirty Job Safer and Smarter

Trucks collecting our trash are crucial, but they can be dangerous. Blind spots and driver fatigue contribute to accidents, injuries, and rising insurance costs. Thankfully, VIA’s innovative technologies are transforming waste management vehicles into safer, smarter machines.

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Eliminating Blind Spots: A Clearer View for Safety

Blind spots around trucks are notorious danger zones. VIA’s Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System, fortunately, has advanced sensors and cameras that can now provide drivers with a virtual 360-degree surround view, eliminating blind spots and preventing accidents.

Protecting Drivers from Themselves: Safety Features Keep Everyone on the Road Safe

Driver fatigue and distractions like cell phone use are major threats. VIA’s DSS (Driver Safety System) enables your vehicles to detect drowsiness and phone use, prompting alerts to prevent accidents.

The Benefits of Smarter Trucks: Safer Roads, Lower Costs, and Improved Efficiency

Investing in safer waste management vehicles isn’t just about saving lives; it’s also good for business. Fewer accidents mean lower insurance costs and less downtime. Additionally, improved driver focus and efficiency lead to better waste collection performance.

Pioneering Waste Management Vehicle Technology

VIA Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative technologies for waste management vehicles. Their systems address blind spots, driver safety, and operational efficiency, making waste collection safer and smarter.