Key Technologies in the VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System

The VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System, an aftermarket solution, surpasses mere proximity sensing by leveraging advanced AI technology to detect pedestrians and prevent forklift accidents. Enhance workplace safety, boost productivity, and reduce costs with this feature-rich safety system.

Key Features

  • AI-powered People Detection System: Accurately detects and alerts operators to nearby pedestrians, minimizing collision risks.

  • Driver Safety System (DSS): Identifies fatigue, smoking, and phone usage, prompting operators for breaks and promoting & building a culture of care and safe driving practices.

  • WorkX Connect: Enables effortless setup, management, monitoring, and data collection for multiple forklifts simultaneously.

  • Seatbelt Sensor: Reminds operators to fasten their seatbelts during operation.

  • Geofence Work Areas: Tracks vehicles and triggers alerts upon entering or exiting designated zones.

Revolutionize Workplace Safety with Advanced Technology

VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System

Eliminate workplace blind spots and collisions with VIA’s cutting-edge safety solutions. AI-powered detection, rugged hardware, and connected insights.

Advanced AI Cameras and Sensor Technology: Safeguarding Lives and Assets

The VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System uses pedestrian detection AI technology to detect risks surrounding vehicles. It detects people getting too close, even in poor visibility, and warns operators to prevent accidents.

Elevate Workplace Safety: See It All with Smart Cameras, Sensors, and AI

Eliminate blind spots and prevent accidents with advanced AI cameras and sensors technology:

  • AI-powered cameras: Detect pedestrians and identify driver’s fatigue.

  • Wireless Speed Sensor (optional): Set up Adaptive Detection Zone with the optional wireless speed sensor. This feature automatically enlarges the people detection zone at higher speeds, giving drivers more reaction time.

  • Seatbelt Sensor (optional): The wireless seatbelt sensor accessory can be used to determine the fastened/unfastened status of the driver seatbelt.

Empower Your Forklift Management with VIA’s Smart App and Cloud Solutions

The VIA WorkX APP and the freemium WorkX Cloud Connect Management Service supports alerts and app interfaces in multiple languages. Gain real-time insights, optimize operations, and ensure safety with VIA’s connected technologies for forklifts and heavy vehicles.

  • VIA WorkX Smartphone APP: Effortless system configuration and firmware upgrades.

  • VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service: Live fleet tracking, video insights, predictive maintenance, and driver performance optimization.

The WorkX Connect suite on a selection of devices

Secure & Adaptable: VIA’s Mounting & Hardware Solutions for Unshakeable Safety

VIA’s robust mounts, cables, and platforms ensure your safety systems stay strong, wherever the job takes you.

Unwavering Connections:

  • Rugged design: IP67-rated cameras and sensors withstand water and dust, while ISO-17650-3 shock and vibration certification ensures durability and reliability.

  • Standard & RAM mount options: Choose from pre-configured brackets or optional RAM mounts kit.