Advanced Safety Through Cutting-Edge Technology

VIA Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System

From Blind Spot Detection to Fleet Management: Explore VIA Mobile360 HESS Comprehensive Safety Technology

Advanced Collision Avoidance Technology: Safeguarding Lives and Assets

VIA’s collision avoidance system uses various sensors and AI technology to detect risks surrounding vehicles in construction, excavation, and mining environments. Here’s how it works:

  • Surround View System: Provides a 360° surround view and alerts operators to nearby vehicles, machinery, and people.

  • Pedestrian Detection: AI detects people getting too close, even in poor visibility, and warns operators to prevent accidents.

  • Vehicle Detection: Accurately identifies vehicles, even in challenging conditions, minimizing collision risks.

  • Object Detection: Uses cameras and sensors to detect objects in blind spots and around corners, alerting operators for swift action.

SVS infographic
HESS blind spot diagram

Elevate Workplace Safety: See It All with Smart Cameras, Sensors, and AI

Eliminate blind spots and prevent accidents with advanced camera and radar sensor fusion technology:

  • AI-powered cameras: Detect pedestrians, vehicles and objects.

  • Sensor fusion technology: Cameras and radar combine for accurate hazard detection in any visibility condition.

  • Fully configurable: Adapt detection zones and alerts to your specific vehicles, workplace, and needs.

  • Continuous AI Improvements: Regular updates enhance object detection and system accuracy.

Manage with Power & Insight: VIA’s Connected Solutions for Enhanced Fleet Safety

See it all, manage effortlessly, optimize everything. Leverage AI, cloud, and software for:

  • Unmatched visibility: 360° view, AI detection, all-weather performance. (vSense™)

  • Simplified management: Simplified management: Remote support, real-time insights, seamless updates. (vCare™)

  • Streamlined processes: Streamlined processes: Training, claims, safety & efficiency insights. (vSafe™)

HESS vCare desktop dashboard interface
HESS radar cameras on the front of a hauler

Secure & Adaptable: VIA’s Mounting & Hardware Solutions for Unshakeable Safety

VIA’s robust mounts, cables, and platforms ensure your safety systems stay strong, wherever the job takes you.

Unwavering Connections

  • Rugged design: IP69K rated camera and sensors are designed to withstand harsh environments and high-pressure washing, ensuring durability and reliability.

  • Standard & custom options: Choose from standard brackets or let us design the perfect fit for your unique needs.