VIA WorkX Connect

Revolutionizing fleet management as an aftermarket solution, VIA WorkX Connect delivers an all-in-one solution. Its operator-friendly interface and advanced features streamline driver permissions, vehicle management, and safety inspections, all while providing real-time tracking capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Simple Setup: Seamlessly add driver permission, assign vehicles, and streamline operations by setting schedules and geofencing work areas.

  • Digitizing Inspection Reports: Customize and digitize inspections according to OSHA standards and ensure compliance and safety through thorough digital inspection protocols.

  • Video Recorded Alerts: Access stored video recordings of alerts and review incidents and near misses to gain important insights and improve staff training.

  • Geofencing: Geofence work areas to track vehicles and get alerts upon entering or exiting designated zones.

  • Pinpoint Live Tracking: Monitor operator and vehicle performance by leveraging data to conduct assessments and make strategic decisions.

Monitor vehicle usage, driver behavior, and inspection report statistics from your powerful dashboard

VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System

Ensure your vehicle uptime and driver safety performance match expectations for individual drivers or your entire fleet.

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We’ve already provided useful forklift asset management data to over 300 of the world’s leading industries.

WorkX Connect


Effortlessly add driver permissions, vehicles, and models: set schedules and geofence work areas.

App, Cloud, & Software

WorkX Connect - Inspection Reports


Customize inspections based on OSHA standards for easier completion and storage.

App, Cloud, & Software

WorkX Connect - Video Uploads


Access stored video recordings of detected speeding, poor driver behavior, or collision avoidance incidents for review.

App, Cloud, & Software

WorkX Connect available on desktop, tablet, and mobile
tablet interface of WorkX Connect
mobile interface of WorkX Connect
an orange forklift in a warehouse


Monitor your fleet or forklift driver’s performance in real-time or historically for performance assessments.

App, Cloud & Software

VIA WorkX Connect App

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VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management System

WorkX Connect logo on a desktop screen Click here to go to the via workx connect cloud management service website

Download the VIA WorkX Connect App or visit the VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service today!

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