Warehouse & Logistics

Boosting Warehouse and Logistics Efficiency with VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions

In today’s demanding warehouse and logistics landscape, ensuring safety, efficiency, and sustainability is paramount. VIA Technologies steps in with VIA Mobile360, a suite of intelligent solutions designed to streamline operations and elevate safety standards.

warehouse workers walking behind a forklift

Warehousing Without Worries:

VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System safeguards both operators and pedestrians. Advanced features like collision avoidance, pedestrian detection and driver behavior recognition (Driver Safety System) minimize accidents, protecting your workforce and valuable equipment.

Enhancing Driver Performance:

AI-powered dash cams keep a watchful eye on the road, capturing driver behavior and providing valuable insights for coaching and improving safety. This not only reduces accidents but also fosters a culture of responsible driving.

Optimizing Operations for Peak Performance:

The VIA Mobile360 Live-Tracking feature offers real-time visibility into forklift operation, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize routes, schedules, and resource allocation. This translates to enhanced efficiency and cost savings.

Beyond the Tech:

VIA Technologies commitment extends beyond cutting-edge technology. We provide comprehensive support, including installation tutorials, WorkX Connect, and Vehicle Management Cloud Suite, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation for your warehouse or logistics operations.

By embracing VIA Mobile360 safety solutions, warehouse and logistics businesses can navigate the industry’s challenges with confidence, knowing they have a reliable partner in their pursuit of safety, efficiency, and sustainability.