We make construction, mining and waste management sites safer

VIA Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System

Specifically designed for the harshest work places including wet, dusty, muddy, low visibility, and high traffic environments.


Sharp blind turns in quarries mean constant accident risks. VIA Mobile360 HESS fights back with our smart Adaptive Sensing. Our active safety system detects pedestrians, vehicles, and objects around those tricky corners, creating a safer work environment.



Blind spots around the dump truck and narrow working spaces pose major concern when the dump truck is in reverse. Other than a surround view around the vehicle, the VIA Mobile360 HESS also has smart detection zones that pinpoint threats and trigger real-time alerts during imminent danger. Additionally, an external alarm also plays a role in alerting bystanders, prioritizing workers’ safety.

Road Construction


Blind spots in the waste management industry heighten collision risks with pedestrians, vehicles, and obstacles. To combat this, the VIA Mobile360 HESS employs cutting-edge AI camera and radar sensor fusion technology to deliver a cohesive 360° surround view and bird’s eye view. This advanced system significantly reduces accident risks, enhancing safety and operational intelligence. Navigate vehicle reverse and narrow roads with confidence.

Waste Management


Fatigue and blind spots around vehicles are the biggest challenges for heavy equipment operators. Fatigue compromises judgment and situational awareness, while blind spots lead to accidents and costly downtimes. The VIA Mobile360 HESS AI camera-sensor and Driver Safety System (DSS) function as a vigilant eye, safeguarding operators and those in their vicinity. It alerts operators to nearby hazards and, by recognizing signs of fatigue, encourages them to prioritize their mental and physical well-being.