Platforms, Mounts and Cables

Mounts and Cables

The VIA Technologies, Inc. safety solutions mounts and cables are specially crafted to securely attach and connect cameras, platforms, and sensors to any vehicle. With a rugged design, they withstand harsh work environments without sacrificing functionality. Ensuring flexibility and configurability, these components eliminate blind spots and maintain maximum vehicle operator awareness.

The VIA Mobile360 offers both standard installation mounting brackets and custom options tailored to fit each vehicle’s unique shape and requirements, providing a versatile and effective solution.

Hardware Platforms

The Mobile360 platforms are rugged and IP67 water-resistant, ensuring durability in challenging conditions. They offer versatile connectivity options to support sensors, power, and displays, capable of withstanding vibrations, shocks, humidity, and temperature variations in the harshest work environments. Additionally, the cameras and sensors hold an IP69K rating, safeguarding them in harsh environments and during high-pressure washing.