Collision Avoidance Systems

At the heart of all VIA’s safety systems is our industry-leading collision avoidance technology. Avoiding pedestrians, objects and other vehicles prevents accidents, saves lives, money and reduces downtime.

There are many different components to the collision avoidance system, but they all work on the same basic principle: use sensors to detect risks in the vehicle’s path, and then alert operators who may act to avoid a collision.

Surround View System

The VIA Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System incorporates advanced technology for operators of construction, excavation, and mining vehicles. The 360° Surround View System (SVS), coupled with VIA’s vSense Software and 77GHz mmWave radar smart sensor fusion technology, creates a unified panoramic interface. This real-time system alerts operators to approaching vehicles, machinery, and people, adapting to various conditions for enhanced safety.

SVS infographic

Pedestrian Detection

Safety is the top priority in any workplace, and VIA’s advanced AI-driven pedestrian detection technology plays a crucial role in enhancing it. Our Collision Avoidance System is designed to identify people in the work environment, regardless of their body position, posture, or visibility to vehicle operators. Whether someone is kneeling to tie their work boot or partially hidden behind a crate, the system can still detect them.

VIA’s vSense technology enhances safety in challenging conditions such as poor weather, dust, or darkness. Radar sensors work alongside computer vision to ensure that pedestrians remain safe. With precise trajectory tracking and Time to Collision (TTC) calculations, operators receive reliable notifications. This information helps them make necessary adjustments to prevent accidents and, ultimately, save lives.

Pedestrian Detection Inforgraphic 2PD forklift

Vehicle Detection

Workplace accidents involving vehicle collisions can have severe consequences, risking lives, causing expensive vehicle damage, and disrupting work schedules due to operator or vehicle downtime. Detecting vehicles poses challenges due to their distinct shapes, varying speeds, and constant movement. However, VIA’s robust AI, combined with vSense technology, excels in accurately identifying vehicles promptly, even in challenging visibility conditions. Our reliable vehicle detection capability empowers operators to drive with confidence, minimizing the risk of collisions and their associated negative impacts.

HESS Vehicle Detection Infographic

Object Detection

Workplace vehicle accidents often result from unexpected objects, exacerbated by vehicle blind spots that challenge operators’ visibility. VIA addresses this challenge through its key component, the Surround View System (SVS), within our collision avoidance system. This system provides operators with an AI-assisted camera view of the complete area surrounding the vehicle.

To enhance safety further, collision avoidance alert systems utilize sensors to detect objects in the vehicle’s path. If a collision risk is detected, the system promptly alerts the driver, enabling them to take appropriate action. The inclusion of radar and the Surround View System extends this capability to detect objects and vehicles around corners. Leveraging data from trajectory sensors and Time to Collision (TTC) calculations, the system alerts operators to objects and vehicles in these blind spots, empowering them to make necessary actions promptly.

Invest in VIA’s Mobile360 Forklift Safety System and Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System for unparalleled collision avoidance capabilities that prioritize safety in your fleet.