The importance of inspection, maintenance, and training in materials handling operations cannot be overstated. However, these tasks are often viewed as burdensome and can slow down operations. Neglecting these three chores can lead to catastrophic consequences, such as high downtime costs and repairs for an inoperable forklift. This is where a cloud-connected forklift safety system comes in. VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System (FSS) can help with inspection, maintenance, and training duties, making them simpler, faster, and more consistent.

Our after-market solution is an example of a forklift safety system that comprises three interconnected key components for success. The system uses AI to sense and intelligently convert the environment and vehicle usage data. The VIA WorkX App allows operators and managers to calibrate the equipment and enter report data. The VIA WorkX Connect aggregates, presents and manages the data from the safety system package and mobile app usage.

Accountability, Control, Efficiency, and Flexibility

Accountability is absolutely crucial to ensure that inspection, maintenance, and training tasks are performed correctly. With a cloud-connected forklift safety system, the forklift operator, inspector, or manager can log into the VIA WorkX mobile app and fill out the required report. This creates an identifiable, time-stamped record of their actions, eliminating the need for additional paperwork. It significantly improves efficiency for the person filling out the report and for the manager who must log into the cloud interface to review the report’s details or confirm completion

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The VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service interface includes default inspection reports based on OSHA guidelines, making it easy to get started with cloud-based inspections. It also offers the ability to create your own custom report forms. You can tailor these reports to specific pieces of equipment with unique capabilities or frequency requirements.

Flexible training reports mean you can introduce different training exercises for different levels of driver ability or experience. Your warehouse floor plan has its unique challenges for navigation, so there might be maneuvers you want your operators to complete that are exclusive to your space.

Time Is Money

In materials handling, time literally equals money. All duties that don’t contribute to the faster storage and processing of goods and materials are speed bumps to productivity, efficiency, and profitability. The VIA Mobile360 FSS makes inspections, maintenance, and training faster and smoother for operators, trainers, and management, and the benefits pay for themselves.

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