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VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System

2PD Package

Boost safety, increase productivity, and reduce costs with VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System.

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Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

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Boost Operator Awareness

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Reduce Operational Costs

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Easy to Install & Operate

Featuring front and rear people detection cameras, this smart and reliable IP67-rated forklift safety system warns the operator whenever someone steps within a hazardous range of their vehicle. To ensure that the operator remains focused while behind the wheel, the system also comes with a DSS (Driver Safety System) that issues an alert whenever it detects fatigue, smoking, and phone usage.

prevent pedestrian collisions

Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

The system prevents pedestrian accidents by alerting the forklift operator whenever its front and rear people detection cameras detect someone stepping too close to their vehicle. It supports a detection zone of between 60° – 120° depending on the required detection sensitivity of the cameras and covers an area of between six and eight meters subject to the camera installation height. The detection area can be configured with either a single zone (critical) or two zones (warning and critical) using the VIA WorkX smartphone app.

prevent pedestrian collisions

Boost Operator Awareness

The DSS ensures the operator remains focused while behind the wheel by alerting them whenever it detects signs of fatigue, smartphone usage, and smoking through the driver camera.

prevent pedestrian collisions

Reduce Operational Costs

By preventing pedestrian collisions and increasing driver attentiveness, the system enables you to minimize insurance, legal, and healthcare fees as well as losses from disruptions and damage caused by accidents.

prevent pedestrian collisions

Easy to Install & Operate

The practical and robust design of the system makes it easy to install and operate. The VIA WorkX app can be used to calibrate the cameras, configure the DSS, view and download recorded videos, adjust system settings, and upgrade the system firmware.

2PD Product Checklist

Optional Accessories

VIA Mobile360 M500 System

4G Module

Front & Rear Pedestrian Detection Cameras

Card Reader

Driver Safety System Camera

EV Power Converter

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Seatbelt Sensor

7” CVBS Display Panel

VESA Plates

Speed and Reverse Light Sensor Kit

2M Camera and Display Extension Cable

RAM® Mounts Kit (5 mounts)

VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service

VIA WorkX Smartphone App (Available on Google Play and the App Store)