App, Cloud & Software

The App, cloud, and software components of VIA safety systems significantly contribute to the safety, speed, management, and efficiency of your vehicle or entire fleet.

The VIA WorkX Smartphone App (Forklifts)

The VIA WorkX smartphone app provides a fast and easy way to calibrate the cameras, configure the Driver Safety System, view and download recorded videos, adjust system settings, and upgrade the system firmware for your forklift safety system. With just a few taps you can adjust any key settings of your safety system so that any employees with the app can make needed changes at any time. Managers can create authorized drivers for vehicles and grant them appropriate permissions to access the VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Services.

The VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service (Forklifts)

The VIA WorkX Connect supports live video monitoring, real-time vehicle tracking, geofencing, driver Face ID, and a host of other features. You can create, and track inspection results to monitor the health of your vehicle, track speed or distracted driver alerts to rank drivers and vehicle performance and understand where issues may be before accidents happen. Get a birds-eye view of your entire fleet performance for maximum fleet efficiency.

The VIA vSenseTM Software (Heavy Vehicles)

vSenseTM revolutionizes heavy vehicle safety by seamlessly integrating camera and radar sensor fusion technology through an AI interface. This unique combination ensures constant detection of people, vehicles, and obstacles, providing a 360° surround view for the vehicle. By harmonizing camera visuals and radar data, the AI interface creates a unified, intelligent view with alerts for the surroundings, enhancing accuracy and adaptability.

Importantly, vSenseTM goes beyond by offering full configurability, allowing detection zones and alert types to be tailored precisely to the vehicle type, workplace scenarios, and site-specific requirements. This customizable feature ensures that the system is finely tuned to meet the unique safety needs of each application. vSense™ operates effectively in all weather and lighting conditions, offering operators a clear and comprehensive perspective for heightened safety in any environment.

The VIA vCareTM Cloud Suite (Heavy Vehicles)

vCareTM is a comprehensive suite of customer care applications and services designed for the effortless deployment and maintenance of your heavy vehicle fleet. It offers a range of remote support options, including heavy vehicle deployment flow, asset management, maintenance, RMA services, precise OTA software upgrades, system health analytics, real-time vehicle performance analytics, vehicle tracking, and remote diagnostics. The VIA vCare™ Cloud Suite ensures that fleet managers always have a clear understanding of their fleet’s location and status.

The VIA vSafeTM Cloud Suite (Heavy Vehicles)

Enhance operator training, streamline insurance claims, and monitor overall safety performance with vSafeTM. This system allows you to store video recordings, equipment running logs, and system backup files, providing a comprehensive overview of your fleet’s performance. vSafeTM equips you with the tools to easily access, store, and manage critical data, empowering you to optimize safety and operational efficiency in your fleet management.