Cameras, Sensors, & AI

Create a safer workplace by enhancing vehicle operators’ awareness and eliminating blind spots. Leverage cameras, AI, and sensors to assist operators and enhance overall safety.

Cameras strategically positioned and properly configured act as vigilant eyes, eliminating blind spots and allowing AI to detect pedestrian threats, even in partial view. They also identify distracted operator behaviors like yawning, smoking, or mobile phone use.

For enhanced adaptability, our system offers full configurability for detection zones and alert types based on vehicle type, workplace scenarios, and site-specific requirements. Moreover, our commitment to continuous improvement includes constant AI updates. These updates are fueled by user reports, incorporating new data to make the system even more accurate over time.

In challenging visibility conditions, sensors such as radar, combined with AI, provide additional threat detection capabilities, ensuring pedestrians and objects are recognized irrespective of the environment.

For a streamlined safety solution tailored to forklifts and vehicles, consider our highly configurable and scalable system. Book a free consultation now to elevate safety standards in your workplace.